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Should Landlords Pay For Pest Control?

Two of the most common questions that stand between landlords and tenants in rental properties are who is responsible for taking care of pest control, and who is responsible for paying for these services?  In this case, the law in Ontario is clear: the landlord has to handle and pay for them. However, if the

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Can You Negotiate Property Management Fees?

If you have a rental unit (or units) and require property managers to care for them, you may wonder if you can negotiate the management fees. Most companies advertise a set percentage or flat rate in their agreements, but can they do any better? Negotiating your property management fees is allowed, of course, but there

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What Does Landlord Services Mean?

Many property owners are also the landlords of their investments, but the two roles don’t have to be connected. An owner is the one who, as the name suggests, owns the land and home directly; a landlord is a person who finds tenants and rents out the house, apartment, or condo to them. If you

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What Are The Top 3 Problems Facing Property Managers?

Property management can be a tough business; to navigate the many problems we face regularly, we need to put a wide range of skills to use. Being in this line of work also means having strategies in place to reduce the likelihood of having to face common problems. Here are three issues faced in this

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The Top Four Qualities Of A Great Property Management Company

What should you look for in a property manager? You want to entrust your units to the best possible pair of hands, but what separates a “great” management company from a “good” one?  A great property management company will have the right amount of experience, communication skills, organizational skills, and fulfill every job with professionalism.

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How Do You Know If You’re A Good Tenant?

Landlords and property management companies look for specific information before approving tenants. If you want to rent a space, how do you know if you’re a good tenant? Those doing the screening and calling will likely factor three qualities into their decision: good credit, a stable past, and reliable references.

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