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Background Checks For Landlords

What Is The Best Procedure For A Background Check?

At Forest City Property Management, we provide the most detailed screening reports available. This works for landlords who want precise criminal and eviction information. The background check is not the best place for a credit check. When you use this service, you will recieve details of whatever background information you’re interested in. Read more for FAQS about our background checks.

Are Tenant Background Searches Authentic?​

Yes! Tenant background searches are completed through a legitimate provider can give you true information about potential tenants. When accessing our services, you can get a complete and understandable list of verified information about tenants to ensure they will be a reliable fit for your property.

What Kind Of Background Checks Do Landlords Conduct?​

Landlords conduct different types of background checks depending on what their criteria for renters are. Background checks can consist of criminal background information, history of eviction, employment history, and any other background information you would like done. At Forest City Property Management, we pride ourselves on our extensive background searches.

What Causes A Red Flag On A Background Check?​

When it comes to tenant screening, the most common red flags that the landlords should look out for are as follows:

  • Unreported criminal history on a criminal background check
  • Unreported bad credit
  • History of eviction or rental issues
  • Blank spaces on the application
  • Non-matching social insurance numbers
  • Negative consumer reports for credit cards

Why Should A Landlord Care About Tenant Background Checks?

Most Landlords believe that background checks are more important than credit checks. Background checks are a safety measure, while credit reports are a measure of whether or not a tenant is financially responsible. 

A solid screening process, which includes a tenant background check, is a key to landlord success.

Our extensive background checks are matched with excellent service and fast turnarounds to make the approval process move quicker. When more information is required, our database provides access to records and data not available through a credit report.

Frequently Asked Questions About Background Checks

Landlords will verify the credit, criminal records, and even the history of your rental. They should ask for approval from you but they do not have to. It helps them protect themselves from fraud and loss of revenue.

Asking very specific questions can help you complete a successful background check. Questions like:

  • When do you need to move in?
  • Have you given notice to your existing landlord?
  • How is your employment record?
  • How long have you worked there?
  • How is your credit ?
  • Have you ever had a criminal charge?
  • Do you have pets?
  • Who else will be living with you?

Usually, the whole approval process takes just a few days with background screening ranging from 48 to 72 hours. The background check is a very minor aspect of the general recruitment process and can take just one or three hours to complete the procedure.

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