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Finding Tenants For Your Rental Property

At Forest City Property Management, we offer thorough and careful tenant management. We know the importance of selecting a good tenant who will enjoy your property as much as you do, which is why we use a thorough tenant screening process to assess each candidate.

How we can help you find tenants

These are the services that we offer in helping you find tenants

  • Advertising the property
  • Search for tenants
  • Collect applications
  • Screen and interview tenants
  • Screen and interview tenants
  • Collect rent deposits
  • Manage repairs
  • Manage tenant inquiries
  • Manage turnover between rental periods

How to Find Good Tenants

If you’re used to working with tough renters, better tenants can feel like a far-off possibility for you but by studying how to choose good tenants for a rental house, it is possible to improve your return on investment.

Don’t let yourself think that finding tenants that really help your business run better is unlikely. Although it takes some time to learn how to choose good renters, investing time into screening and auditing can change your whole business.


Be proactive with your outreach activities. Learn to advertise in the right places and find the right tenants. Hire us to advertise your properties and get your property rented in a timely matter. 

Be Responsive

We understand you are busy, that’s why when you hire us, we guarantee we will be responsive with you and your prospective tenant. Communicating effectively with prospective renters can help you weed out the bad apples.

Property Condition

We will help you keep your property in top notch condition to guarantee your potential tenants will enjoy your property and want to live there! The better your property looks the more professional applicants it will attract.

Advantages In Choosing Our Tenant Services

Fill vacancies fast

We have the skill-set, knowledge, and resources needed to find tenants to fill vacancies

Market Rates

We work with a number of properties in the community, we can help ensure your property is well-suited for renters.

Variety of Options

You have the ability to choose which services you would like to use. 




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