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When Should a Landlord Hire a Property Management Company?

For many landlords, the biggest decision for their bottom line is when they take the plunge and hire a property management company. Some landlords have a taste for this already, managing properties with the help of a resident manager. But sometimes, the size of their investments gets beyond their ability to take care of the properties and tenants themselves. 

There are many advantages to hiring a property management company, and a solid choice can be an asset to investments. For the decision to make the most business sense, some signs tell landlords when they should hire outside management.


pppp blogWhen Time, Geography, And Investment Size Get To Be Too Much

The more rental properties or units a landlord owns and maintains, the more they are going to benefit from the assistance of a property management company. The number of investments can make taking care of routine maintenance a challenge, especially if the distance of your properties grows from where you live. Hiring a property management company can be invaluable in dealing with the many issues that you are not able to handle from afar.

Many landlords find they do not have the time to devote to their property investments, especially if being a landlord is something you do on top of a 9-5 job. If you prefer to spend time searching for new properties, arranging renovations, working on your business’ structure, and other forms of growing, then putting your properties and tenants in the hands of a management company is a way to free up more time.


Hands-On Management Isn’t Your Best Skill

Many landlords get into the job because they relish the challenge of finding tenants, maintaining safe and attractive properties, and the rewards of financial independence. But if a landlord views their property ownership and rentals as an investment only, they probably want little or nothing to do with the day-to-day management duties. In this case, landlords should consider hiring help to manage their properties, find tenants for the units, and handle advertising.

Another reason to hire a manager is that many landlords don’t want to be employers. If they want to hire a private manager or other employees to work under them, they’ll have to handle payroll, taxes, and other legal considerations. A property manager from an outside company, on the other hand, is classed differently. 


Your Profits Can Cover The Costforestcity-property-feature-image

As your profit margin rises, the fees for a property management company become much more manageable. Higher profits are the result of the growth of a business, so at some point, a landlord might find that they need a substantial amount of help to keep up with the properties and tenants. If you’re a landlord at this point, it makes sense to hire a property management company to help you out!

If you’re a landlord who’s ready to hire a property management company, talk to the experts at Forest City Property Management. We have a diverse portfolio, giving us the experience for all types of buildings. We also offer a range of packages that can cover your unique needs!


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